Deep Dish Pizza

In 2006 my wife traveled to Chicago for a week with me on a business trip. While there we experienced, for the first time, a pizza very different from the variety that is so common in California. A couple of days ago I came home from work, excited to see and taste what my wife had described over the phone as Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. I was impressed with how authentic it looked, and delighted with how delicious it was.

The photo doesn’t quite capture the mouthwatering-ness

Previous to traveling to Chicago the only deep dish pizza I had ever had was from Uno’s Bar and Grill which I enjoyed (hope I didn’t just offend pizza snobs everywhere, lol) but after traveling to Chicago and trying the real thing I realized it was not the same. My mother-in-law recently bought a magazine for Trevor and I called Cook’s Illustrated inside were several recipes but also the process through which they came up with them. I knew at once I had to try it out.

Melissa had made two of these pizzas, each of which served about 2 people with healthy appetites. So I called a friend of mine who lives nearby and asked if he was a fan of delicious flavor. He and his wife just had a baby, so we figured they might enjoy having a night without having to cook. My friend later told me the pizza was amazing. This is the thing I think I love most about cooking, sharing it with others, whether it be my family or friends.