Cinnamon Buns

What’s the secret to cinnamon buns that are so good they don’t even need frosting? Use high-protein bread flour, have lots of patience while the dough rises, and roll the dough thin enough to create 5 to 7 layers in a 3 to 4 inch roll. Well, at least that’s my opinion.

Estimated lifespan: 2min

I would agree. I shamelessly ate about 3 or 4 in one night. I say “about” because I shared at least one with our 2 year old. However there was a little bit more to it than just bread flour and rolling it really thin.

I didn’t get involved until the rolling phase, but then I got to use my new French pin roller! It worked wonderfully, especially getting the corners to stretch out so the blob of dough turned into a rectangle. Once flat and rectangular, Melissa whipped up some filling, and we rolled it all up tightly. Just as I was about to reach for something sharp to cut the roll into small sections, Melissa tells me to get the dental floss.

I love how he says its “his french pin roller”, too cute lol. I do have to admit that I love the french rolling pin as well for basically the same reasons. In my opinion the secret to these cinnamon buns was the filling. Typically when you make filling for cinnamon rolls you melt butter and brush it on then sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. For these babies I mixed a cube of softened salted butter with 2 cups of brown sugar and spread half of the mixture on one of the rolled out rectangles. Then I sprinkled cinnamon over the top of the butter and sugar mixture. The dental floss idea came from a friend of mine but it should have been a no-brainer because in ceramics they use nylon string wrapped around a dowel to cut clay.

We let the now sectioned rolls rise for about 30 minutes before baking. The house started to smell really good at this point, and by the time the first batch came out, I had become so hungry that I ate 2 of them in about a minute. I thought to myself, “Oh, what about frosting?” But then I realized, these really do not need any.

I also considered frosting these but after more than a few bites laziness won out.