Chocolate Lasagna

The first time we made this recipe it was for a dinner party where we attempted to make the main course look like a dessert and the dessert to look like a main course. The main course that our friends came up with was a sausage, mashed cauliflower and gravy “banana split”. Our dessert concoction was chocolate lasagna. The leftovers from dessert became closely guarded, rationed and enjoyed in the following days, and the dish became that of legend.

Legend and something you dared not make again for fear of the amount of weight you would gain lol. When inventing this I tried to recreate the different layers I do with my regular lasagna and thought of replacements that would give a similar look and texture.

We made the chocolate Lasagna out of wide flat chocolate noodles, chocolate mousse, bananas, strawberries, blackberry syrup and whipped cream. The noodles are hand-made fresh noodles and other than boiling them there’s no cooking involved in the entire dish. You assemble the Lasagna as you would a traditional one, building layer upon layer of noodles and fillings. With a thin layer of syrup on the bottom and a final coating on the top, the noodles soak it up and take on a chocolate berry flavor while maintaining a soft texture. The mousse is fairly delicate, so a day in the refrigerator is necessary before consumption. This melding time helps the ingredients congeal and meld together.

We had to create the noodles by hand because we couldn’t find any online. But I am very happy with the recipe we found for chocolate noodles (there are actually quite a few of them out there). It is more of a bittersweet flavored noodle but after the melding with the blackberry syrup they become awesome tasting. The mousse is a really simple no-cook mousse which uses cream cheese and whipped cream for its creamy texture and gelatin for its shape holding. Trevor likes to taste all along the way so he can totally vouch for all of the ingredients lol.

This is one of Melissa’s top two desserts, right there with croisant bread pudding.

Which I am sure we will have to make again and blog about since it quite literally stopped all conversation in the room for about 5 minutes ;D