Kitchen Renovation

It’s been a while since we’ve posted to our cooking blog. Mostly this is due to the craziness that occurs when you move. We now live in downtown San Francisco in a two bedroom loft, down from a four bedroom house, so it took us quite some time to get things scaled down and organized well enough to have some free time and energy. A big selling point on the new place was the kitchen, which is very open, features granite counter-tops, and new appliances. Since our last post, I have gotten a little better at cooking some of our family staples such as Alfredo sauce and quiche, while Melissa has been mastering bread making including baguettes and biscuits.

Yes we have finally settled in the move was a way to get more of Trevor’s time. Eating at 7:30 or 8:00 was not really what I would call functional, so this move has greatly improved our schedule around here and I gotta say having a nicer kitchen doesn’t hurt either. My goal with attempting bread was to find and master a handful of go-to bread recipes that would serve as a replacement for store bought bread. Yes I probably am a bit extreme but have you read whats in store bought bread its amazing that stuff EVER molds. Also Trevor never stops talking about the bread in europe and how wonderful it is and how he wishes that they had that kind in the U.S. We have had many conversations where he tries to describe exactly the kind of roll thing that he wishes he could have… but enough about bread thats another post.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working towards getting organized, and just last weekend acquired a used IKEA shelving unit which has finally provided us with enough storage space in our kitchen that we are no longer keeping kitchen appliances in their original boxes tucked away in storage areas. Now that everything is within reach and subsequently plain sight, it’s likely we will start being more aware of how little we use some appliances while also making more use of others. So far I’m observing that the slow-cooker seems to be collecting the most dust while the waffle-iron rarely cools all the way down.

It goes in phases mainly depending on how lazy i’m feeling. The crock pot is awesome for make-ahead meals and chicken broth. However the crock pot is also very large and I’m not very fond of cleaning it. Wait ’till Trevor tells the story about our first year of marriage and the growth I refused to take care of in the crock pot. I have since gotten much better and never let things get that bad.

At the time when we started this blog, I was busy filling in some of the basic gaps in our kitchen. At that time, Melissa and I both decided we wanted to do a lot of research before making any large investments such as cookware and knives. Nearly a year later, our careful research and the selling of my soda making equipment has culminated in the purchase of a little over half of the All-Clad cookware we intend to acquire. Our initial buys have included a three quart saute, a three quart saucier, and an eight quart stock pot. We also grabbed a Lodge cast-iron reversible griddle that can straddle two of the burners on our cook-top, and a couple of grill presses. Future purchases will include something to the tune of a butter warmer, three quart sauce pan, three quart double-boiler insert and a three quart steamer insert. Aside from a wok, and including the twelve inch cast-iron skillet we already had, once complete our assortment of cookware should provide us with the ability to do pretty much anything on the cook-top we need. Oh yeah, and we got six new commercial-grade aluminum bun pans – which I love!

You know its funny that he loves the bun pans because I do all the baking and all he ever uses them for is bacon. Next time you are so cleaning your own bacon pan. I think that we need something more like a small sauce pan or saucier about one quart a really big stock pot and a ladle. Yes somehow in all of this acquiring that has managed to slip through the cracks and I still don’t have a ladle! I usually use a measuring cup to ladle soup and other things into bowls its a bit ridiculous. I suppose at some point as I’m walking through Sur La Table I’ll be like, “Oh yes! A ladle, I totally need this!” and it will cost me like $10 and I will love and give it a name. Someday!