Sea Scallops with Mango Salsa and Coconut Rice

When I go to a restaurant, there are certain foods I will always go for. There’s the exotic foods that I don’t get at home, such as sea scallops or Kobe beef, but then there are foods I have such an affinity for it doesn’t matter how much I get of them at home, I just want more – like blue cheese and bacon. I’ve been meaning to bring scallops into that latter category, but for whatever reason Melissa and I have always been intimidated by them.

So today, I finally got a chance to prepare some scallops, and to make the most of them, I used them as a substitution for tilapia in Melissa’s amazing panko-crusted tilapia with mango salsa and coconut rice recipe. It took two trips to the store and lots of trading off cooking and holding children, but at about 9:30pm, our dinner was ready. I was so hungry, I totally forgot to take a picture… Sorry, maybe next time.

I used Alton Brown’s scallop recipe which is very simple, involving oil and butter in a very hot pan where the salted and peppered scallops become seared in just a minute and a half per side. The butter was in my view the most critical part of this process, as it lends itself so nicely to browning while providing a creamy salty addition to the scallops.