Chocolate Covered Bacon

Last night I was looking through the fridge and decided to cook up the rest of the bacon in the meat drawer while it was still a tasty color. I covered 2 half-size bun pan racks with bacon strips and baked them in the oven at about 475 degrees until golden brown and delicious. But while cooking bacon in the oven on a rack removes the vast majority of fat, it doesn’t really result in the kind of pan-fried crispiness I was after. So I finished them off in a frying pan on high, dumping the grease off into a container after each pan-full for later use – after all, rendered bacon fat is good stuff. After letting the now crispy but mostly still flat bacon strips rest for a bit, I set up the double-boiler with about a quarter pound of dark chocolate, and then dipped the bacon strips into it, laying them out on parchment paper to cool overnight.

Not very photogenic, I know

The results… Well I only have a photo of one of the strips because this stuff didn’t last very long at the office. There were some reluctant partakers though, but all were instantly converted after experiencing the medley of flavors this simple snack provides. Sweet and bitter chocolate over savory salty bacon.