Bar Keeper’s Friend & Soda Making Gear

100% legit

At this point in my life I proceed with cautious optimism on every purchase I make. And even with ample research and analysis leading me to believe this purchase was going to be a satisfactory one, nothing could quite prepare me for the amazing results that Bar Keeper’s Friend had on our pots and pans. Even more amazing, it cost less than $3. I’ve spent hours making and using home-made cleaners and tarnish removers on our copper bottomed stainless steel pots and pans, but the effort needed was great and the results were hardly impressive. But then I tried this stuff, and I must say, it’s amazing. End of testimonial (and no, they did not pay me to say this).

I’ve been very excited about some equipment I have coming next week. I’ve ordered all the equipment I need to mix, siphon, carbonate and bottle my own soda, including a set of 144 cobalt blue 12 fluid ounce glass bottles. I look forward to using a bench capping machine I inherited from my grandfather. Soon I will be making my own root beer, cream soda, and ginger ale. But perhaps what I am most excited about is being able to make less common sodas based on fruits like tamarind, pomelo, and babaco. I’m also excited about experimenting with using stevia extract as a sweetener, much how Zevia has done, resulting in a zero calorie soda without using synthetic sweeteners.